Thirsty Thursdays

Here’s how our Thirsty Thursday works:

It’s social. We’ll start with a topic, educate you, then set you free with some guided questions to discuss at your tables. We’ll have moderators and wait-staff to help keep conversation and drinks flowing.

It’s local. The internet is fine, face-to-face time with people that do what you do here in the midwest cannot be replaced. The locations will be easy to get to and most folks will not require overnight accommodations.

It’s inexpensive. For $10, enjoy beer and drinks, education, and free flowing conversations on a specific topic (okay, tables will wander occasionally...but we'll try to bring you back)

It’s casual. Topic’s are a great way to get an opinion out and learn, and we’ll try to keep that as the focus of the day but we recognize that there’s a lot of value in side conversations that might spin off.

It’s convenient. It’s later in the afternoon, get in a day at work and still be home in time to have dinner with the family.

It’s worth it. Yes, it’s inexpensive, but your time isn’t and we recognize that. We will provide value through education and networking. The more people you bring along, the richer the discussions are.

Regardless of our event, Thirsty Thursday or otherwise, the topics never die, join us on Facebook or join our LinkedIn group to continue the discussions, view event photos, download presentations, get in on drawings for valuable prizes, share your experiences and internet findings or just watch if you are of the passive variety.